Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent

I sometimes make the mistake of assuming that people constantly research things like I do (” hello Google, what took you so long to get here? I could have used you in high school!” ) But it only takes publishing a Facebook post to realize how quickly people draw conclusions without knowledge, or don’t bother […]


Halotherapy for Natural Allergy Relief

My earliest and strongest memory as a child of the downside to allergy relief pills was bearing witness to my mother chronically suffering from hay fever. She would painstakingly cut her allergy pills into small fragments to avoid the full on side effects. This is probably nothing out the ordinary aside from the fact she […]

Craft Estetica Facial Room

What we do, why we do it

  The answer to this question can’t be answered in one blog post. But this is the start of the answer – Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get to know Craft better and learn more about our mission to promote health in skin, mind and body. Learn more about what’s important to you! […]