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“I’ve Never Had A Facial Before”….

Many clients nervously say “I’ve never had a facial before”, which surprises me only to the degree that I thought I was the only person who was late to the party when it came to taking care of my skin – Confession: My first experience with a professional facial was at 39 years old. I was focused on my kids and family and had only considered things like facials in the far reaches of my mind to be something other women indulged in, superficial, not for me- “pampering” wasn’t a word I wanted to be associated with – no time for that! I should back up for a minute to include that my overall health wasn’t something I considered either – my general outlook relied on my relatively young age and lack of any medical problems….so far so good despite my lack of a good health regime. My transformation through good nutrition is a whole other story for another time, but the overall path to supporting good health for skin, mind and body can be summed up with NOURISHMENT.

-Feed your skin healthy, purposeful ingredients.

-Feed your body with healthy foods and movement.

-Feed your mind with positive habits and mindful practices that support the fundamentals (eat, sleep, move your body, repeat…)

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There is an ebb and flow to life and we all need to find ways to balance what’s happening with our skin and health, sometimes on a daily basis! Even people who manage to lead “perfectly healthy” lives have issues with things out of their control. It’s not about perfection, it’s about having the right tools in your toolbox to do the best you can on any given day. I’ve learned that “my best” is indeed different on any given day.

Through this blog I will share more information on how Craft Estetica can support you in nourishing the philosophy of Health Centered Beauty – Feel good, Do good, Be great – and it starts with genuinely feeling good from the inside, doing good things for yourself and others, and being the best version of yourself (hint: Beauty isn’t having the appearance of flawless skin. Botox and fillers will not give you the internal energy and glow that comes from good habits — NOURISH, eat, sleep, move. And when your health is compromised, do what you can to kindly support your skin, mind and body in ways you can tolerate.

Don’t underestimate the immeasurable benefits of having undivided care and attention when you’re in a warm facial bed with caring hands tending to your skin, mind and body. This gift of space and time is hard to explain, but it is one of the reasons I chose a career in esthetics and Oncology Esthetics- it allows me to give clients more than advice.

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Take Good Care of Yourself

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